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A Warm Welcome to F+F
At F+F, we also welcome students whose German is not perfect. No matter why you are in Switzerland, discover us in English, either online or in person. We will be pleased to answer any questions you may have.  

F+F School of Art and Design was founded in 1971. At the time, it was the first progressive art school in Switzerland. Embracing the revolutionary spirit of 1968, it wanted to be a non-elitist alternative for art and design training and welcomed the wider population to its evening and Saturday courses. The teachers were practising artists and designers.

The first courses were held at community centres and F+F later became one of the first tenants at the legendary cultural centre Rote Fabrik in Wollishofen. Since the 1980s, we have run a one-year foundation course in art and design. Aimed at young people, the course complements our core art programme. Since the year 2000, we have gradually diversified our offerings and evolved from a registered society into a charitable foundation.

Today, F+F is the largest independent art and design school in Switzerland and the second oldest institution of its kind in Europe. The excellent level of design in Switzerland (Swiss style) and our location in Zurich, one of Europe’s leading creative hubs, also make us attractive internationally. Currently, our 270 students are taught by 200 lecturers, while another 500 persons attend our wide range of courses. In spring 2023, we will be launching ART BOOST, a completely new course taught exclusively in English.

For children and young people aged 11 to 16, our holiday and monthly courses provide an ideal introduction to the world of art and design. Our young people’s courses offer a great opportunity to delve into drawing, painting, graphic design, photography or fashion design. Our portfolio course prepares students seeking admission to foundation courses or to upper secondary art and design schools (leading to a baccalaureate).

Since the Bauhaus, our one-year foundation course has provided basic training for vocational studies in art or design. We offer two foundation classes (open to students after their compulsory schooling or A-Levels). The core subjects on the foundation course are drawing, form and colour, graphic design, photography and three-dimensional design. Other subjects include art and design history, video, performance, software development and elective projects.

We also run a foundation course for working professionals seeking in-service training. Classes are held in the evenings and on Saturdays and a wide range of electives are available.

Switzerland’s vocational and education and training system (VET) distinguishes two levels of training: (1) basic training leading to a Federal Diploma of Vocational Education and Training(Eidgenössisches Fähigkeitszeugnis EFZ); (2) higher education training leading to an Advanced Federal Diploma of Higher Education (Diplom Höhere Fachschule), as well as more academic bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

F+F offers two specialised EFZ classes: the photography class and the graphic design class. Both courses take 4 years and lead to an Federal Diploma of Vocational Education and Training. Students can do their (integrated) internship in another European country. They can also earn a vocational baccalaureate (A-Levels) at the same time. Ideally, students will have completed the foundation course before entering a vocational class, as demands are high.

We award a state-recognised Advanced Federal Diploma of Higher Education to graduates of the following programmes: Fine Arts, Film, Photography, Fashion Design, and Graphic Design. These full-time courses last three years. Our film course lasts four years and can be pursued part-time. Students may do an exchange semester at one of our partner schools abroad. Swiss residents are eligible for vocational scholarships (grants are credited directly to F+F). This is why semester fees for international students are CHF 5,000 higher.

Since 2015, we have been offering refugee scholarships. This programme is aimed at talented designers forced to flee their home country. Numerous foundations and donors support this unique training programme.

As an independent, non-state institution, F+F strives to be inclusive and easily accessible. We are committed to promoting education, production and exchange as open-mindedly as possible. Our vegetarian canteen is open to students and visitors from Monday to Friday. Our photo lab and printing workshop also welcome interested members of the public. Our exhibitions are open to the public and admission is free.

Our main building and school office are located at Flurstrasse 89 (Flurstrasse bus stop). We also have studios at Bullingerplatz and at the Rote Fabrik in Wollishofen. If you have any questions, email us, call our office +41 44 444 18 88, come along to an information evening or visit our Open House.
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Platform on the history of F+F School
The online archive on the history of the F+F School of Art and Design, initiated by the Institute for Contemporary Art Research at Zurich University of the Arts is available here. The website was launched on the occasion of the F+F School’s exhibition at Kunsthalle Zurich in May 2021. It was then expanded and made fully accessible by fall 2022 to include oral history contributions and 4700 documents.

Please check out this archive plattform. Caption are in english.
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Boost your art skills and knowledge in this unique class designed for English speakers! This three-month course, led by experienced art teachers, provides ample inputs, hands-on studio work and a great opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences with other art enthusiasts. You will also discover Zurich’s vibrant art scene.

This intensive course is designed to enhance and reinvigorate your art skills. It will help you experiment with various media in studio-based classes to honebyour skills. You will be encouraged to reflect on drawing, painting, sculpturing and photography against the background of art history and conceptual considerations. You will produce artworks and explore notions of art in relation to concepts of time, space, light and objects. The course will culminate in a public exhibition of students’ work. By the end of ART BOOST, you will understand the basics of various art media and leave with a solid body of work.

ART BOOST is aimed at individuals working in creative fields and seeking to deepen their professional knowledge. It is ideal if you are considering a career change or looking for a greater artistic work-life balance. Coursework can serve either professional or personal goals. You will leave with a portfolio, an increased understanding of artistic media and greater familiarity with studio practices.

Admission requirements
No previous experience necessary.

CHF 3 715.– (incl. course materials) project materials or individual equipment are not included.

Class Structure
ART BOOST is a three-month course beginning in September (autumn semester) and March (spring semester). Each semester starts with an orientation session (including faculty introductions) followed by six modules: Art & Context, Time & Space, Art & Concept, Objects & Light, Observation & Interpretation, Installation Art. Modules move from faculty input through student assignments to critical feedback. You will develop your artistic practice by considering which medium or subject best fits your interests as you work towards your final project. You will benefit from individual mentoring throughout. In the last module (final presentation), you will learn how to install and exhibit your work.

Participants who fulfil the following requirements will receive a certificate of completion: Regular attendance, submission of an individual project, participation in the final exhibition.

Educational Goals
ART BOOST teaches the fundamentals of art, deepens technical skills and fosters creativity. By providing a setting to discuss and further your understanding of art-making, ART BOOST enables you to connect theory and practice. The course also includes museum visits and exhibition. In-course mentoring will empower you to realize your creative potential.